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APAture 2008 – 10th Anniversary Of Awesomeness!

For those fine folks interested in the arts and you’re around in San Francisco this next week, it’s the 10th Anniversary of Kearny Street Workshop’s APAture: a whole slew of fabulous events which will showcase great artists, performances, film, and … Continue reading

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I Finally Got Around to Seeing Sixteen Candles – OMG!

I finally got around to seeing Sixteen Candles. I had blogged back In March about NPR’s story on Long Duk Dong: Last of the Hollywood Stereotypes?, but had never actually seen the movie (to the surprise of many). I saw … Continue reading

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The Green Chow-net

I just read on Slashfilm that Stephen Chow has been confirmed to co-star and direct in the latest superhero installment of The Green Hornet with none other than Seth Rogen. Chow will play Kato, a role made famous by Bruce … Continue reading

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Sheena from Americas Next Top Model

Oh, America’s Next Top Model, how I love thee. Now that the show is in its eleventh season, the show is one part self-esteem booster for teenage girls (“No smoking, even though you’re all models! It’s okay not to be … Continue reading

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San Jose council endorses post office honor for Chinese-American leader

Last night, per the efforts of Congressman Mike Honda, the San Jose city council endorsed the bid to rename San Jose’s main post office on Lundy Avenue after Chinese-American community leader Gordon N. Chan (House Resolution H. R. 6558), as … Continue reading

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San Francisco Richmond District Supervisor Fall Election – Chinese-Americans Are the Top 3 Contenders

Asian Americans in San Francisco comprise of approximately a third of San Francisco’s population. In this fall’s election, San Francisco will be electing a supervisor for the Richmond District, where half the residents are Asian Americans. Well, the top three … Continue reading

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LapPOP! APA Bloggers IRL. OMG.

Something like 10 years ago my adventure in blogging started. I blame Ernie mostly and other regular writers in the APA linkrings (remember those?) who, at the time, encouraged my willingness to rant about things stupid, have occasional anthropomorphic conversations … Continue reading

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I *so* want to go – “My Excellent North Korean Adventure”

I have done a lot of traveling abroad in my life (Asia, Europe, Russia, Turkey, etc.), but the one country that has always fascinated and elluded me is North Korea. North Korea you ask? Yes, North Korea! As a complete, … Continue reading

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Wayne Wang, Asian American Director, with Two New Films

In today’s New York Times, the newspaper profiles Asian American director Wayne Wang, most noted for his Amy Tan adapted film, “The Joy Luck Club.” Wang has two new films coming out: In “A Thousand Years,” opening Friday, a Chinese … Continue reading

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LPGA Changes Policy Due to Backlash

In my opinion, such backlash from John about the LPGA policy just does one thing — it makes it so that sponsors quit supporting smaller league play. And for those places that DO NOT have the NBA, NFL or any … Continue reading

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How the LPGA Bungled on English

Ben previous blogged about the LPGA policy for speaking English in 2009. Well, personally, I thought the whole policy was ridiculous, especially with the backlash that the LPGA has gotten. The LPGA has since relaxed the speaking English requirement and … Continue reading

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SF Opera: The Bonesetter’s Daughter Premiering This Weekend

Tomorrow, Saturday, September 12th, the San Francisco Opera premieres ‘The Bonesetter’s Daughter,’ the opera. The opera? you’re asking – yes, the opera. Amy Tan has adapted her novel into an opera, as described on the opera website: “… this world … Continue reading

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