Asian Americans For & Against Governor Sarah Palin

On Sunday, Senator John McCain’s Vice Presidential running mate, Governor Sarah Palin, was in the San Francisco Bay Area Sunday morning for a fundraiser in Burlingame (specifically at the Hyatt near SFO). There were definitely a couple of hundred supporters and protesters outside of the hotel. I was one of the protesters, and one of the few Asian Americans anywhere to be seen. I did see a Chinese American holding a sign saying “Chinese 4 Palin.”

This was very noticeable and a news reporter for the Chinese language newspaper Ming Pao quickly took a photo with me & my Obama-Palin sign and briefly interviewed me. She asked why I was here. I said I was a Democrat and an Obama-Biden supporter, as well very anti-Palin. Additionally, I wanted Asian Americans to be represented politically, as many Asian Americans are not politically active or involved. As I was jokingly telling my brother and his girlfriend, I sometimes feel I have to do 10X the work to help represent other Asian Americans… Let me know if you see me in the Ming Pao paper…!

Here is some video I took in Burlingame for those of you interested (2:26 minutes):

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