Just Because Obama is a Minority is No Reason to Vote for Him

(Note: Song Park is President of the Korean American Republican Party of VA. He previously appeared in a debate with Dan Ye.)

Dear Obama supporters, independents and for those who haven’t decided yet,

Although Obama has made enormous strides in exciting and galvanizing the youth of America not too mention the minority population, I’m afraid his past involvements with nefarious characters, lack of executive and administrative experience in domestic and foreign policies, and more importantly his re-distribution of wealth (really other peoples money – MINE) plan concerns me greatly. He has grown too quickly and too dangerously! His flip-flopping of accepting public finance scared me from day one. Just look at the hundreds of millions of dollars that he’s pouring into this election. Forward thinking only tells me that at the end of this election, somewhere, someday, someone is going to ask for payback. If we already know about his past sketchy relationships, and which America feels that it’s not important and continues to ignore, what happens when these folks expect their candidate to make good on closed-door promises? What has happened to America that we can no longer scrutinize a presidential candidate that has had relationships with anti-American terrorists, widely confirms the candid use of drugs, instrumental in the money-laundering to anti-white organizations, and the abhorrent neglect to protect failed aborted babies who are born alive? Why for the sake of “CHANGE” do we need to support this man and look away from his past?

I must agree that we need “CHANGE.” BOTH candidates speak of change. The only difference is you have one candidate the has a proven track record of change and another that only speaks of change (although remarkably very awe-inspiring). If you looked at his past accomplishments or lack thereof in the Illinois Senate you’d find that his back yard is a mess! Growing poverty, rampant unemployment, crimes against race that are eye-popping! How can Americans accept his message of unifying the Country when he has failed to do it in his own backyard? Speaking with Democrats who plan to cross-lines to vote for McCain…for America, they tell me that Obama’s views are too radical, too socialist and not of the Democratic party. His views are not the views of past great Democrat presidents. They are simply too far to the left for their comfort. McCain is not Bush despite the fact he’s voted with him 90% of the time. Your candidate has voted 97% (when he actually made a commitment to vote) of the time along with his constituents and has never fought for any legislation that’s memorable or even remotely represent “CHANGE.”

With respect to the gross misuse of our tax money by current and past administrations, truthfully I would love to see a bi-partisan task force created to follow the money-trail of EVERY political figure in this country. From TOP-to-BOTTOM. I for one distrust and am ashamed by our government and the way they have used my hard earn money. Yes, that includes the frivolous spending of the past eight years. But insanity is doing something over and over again but just expecting a different result. What Obama proposes is more government spending, more red tape and tighter regulations of the private sector. That translates into more pork-barrel spending and more restrictions on the American will and spirit of free-economy.

Do you know how we got into this mess with our economy? Obama from day one in his professional career as an attorney, sued banks and lenders because they wouldn’t provide sub-prime mortgages to poor African-American families in Chicago. This has nothing to do with race, it has everything to do with economics and the ability to pay back these loans. Surely you would be reluctant to loan your hard earned money to someone that had no job or ability to earn a sustainable income or for that matter pay you back the principle never mind interest. The financial melt-down of this Country could have been avoided but because of these special interest groups and continued pressure from civil-rights-minded organization, law firm’s like Obama’s, we were doomed to fail. It was only a matter of time. Even his acceptance of Fannie and Freddie special interest money (>$200,000) he shuns off as though it means nothing to him. It means something to me. Time and time again, your candidate refused to look at things from an economic point-of-view but rather from a racial-equality perspective. I can only assume he will continue his ideologies while in the White House. I will not vote for a man, no matter what color, who has sat in the pews for over 20 years and be taught a skewed view of the Bible by a minister who preaches that the deaths from 9/11 was about time and that God Damns America sentiments. No thanks. Dr. King hoped Americans would someday become color-blind, not color-aligned.

Lastly, from a financial perspective, and as a fiscally-conservative financial advisor (BTW, you want an advisor who is fiscally conservative) I reject his tax plan with every common sense afforded to me by the man upstairs. Mathematics doesn’t lie and his math is flawed. Recently Obama reduced his tax threshold from original $300,000 to $250,000 to $200,000 and now Biden gaffe-machine says $150,000 He says he’s not going to tax 95% of Americans. Truth-be-told, only 60% of Americans pay taxes. So 40% Americans will be getting a check from you and me. That’s the largest re-distribution of income ever seen in this country. No thanks.

My wife and I just recently had our second child. Respectfully, we want to be in TOTAL CONTROL as how to educate, feed and provide them with security and healthcare. I DO NOT want our governments telling me what to do, especially an Obama run administration. I question his experience, credibility, character and convictions. Just like all the other presidential candidates before him and after him. I will vote for the person I feel confident that will keep me and my children safe from within and beyond our borders. I am fortunate that I have been able to see beyond his awe-inspiring crowds, his Messiah-like popularity and golden messages of unity and hope. I asked, “Who is Barrack Obama?” and I didn’t like what I discovered.

I hope for America and for my family that I am wrong about Obama. I can deal with a mentally-challenged President (i.e. Bush) but I can’t deal with an intelligent, narcissistic, megalomaniac-mastermind trying to change our way of life and our constitution. He’s said he will “fundamentally change” the United States. For me… that’s too much change. I’ll keep my money, my guns, my liberty and my freedom… You keep the change.

God Bless America!

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