Bhutanese Change We Can Believe In!

It looks like my previous post about the hottie King of Bhutan, Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck, was a hit.

Even though Efren is asking for “more pics” (dood, it’s called Google Image Search!), I’m going to at least attempt to make a post of some substance, with ONE picture.

While we in the U.S. have been going nuts over Obama’s amazing acceptance speech after his election on November 4, the Bhutanese had their own celebration as King Jigme Khesar delivered his first public address to the nation of Bhutan after his official coronation last week.

From his speech:

“Destiny has put me here. I will protect you as a parent, care for you as a brother and serve you as a son. I shall give you everything and keep nothing. This is how I shall serve you as King.”

The King reminded the Bhutanese people of changing times. But any change devoid of peace, security and happiness had little significance, he said and added that change should not destabilise the fundamental qualities of Bhutanese society.

Recalling that the essence of Bhutanese philosophy was ‘gross national happiness’, the King said, “Our generation of Bhutanese have been gifted a strong and dynamic nation by our forefathers. I am confident that as long as we are willing to work with their commitment and dedication and follow their example, we can bring peace, happiness and prosperity to our country.”

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