Praxis Language Releases Additional Language Podcasts

I was talking to a friend of mine and he asked if I’ve ever heard of Chinesepod. In fact, I had a long time ago — John had previously blogged about Praxis Language and its predecessor, ChinesePod — but apparently the podcast is doing pretty well and going strong. I did look into learning languages via podcasts just like those old language tapes and CDs that you can buy but music or NPR sort of seeps into my daily commute instead.

Praxis’s podcasts aren’t just limited to Chinese, however. There’s Spanishpod, Frenchpod, Italianpod, and it seems like Arabic, German, Japanese and Russian are coming soon.

It’s a really cool idea and it looks like Praxis Language is actually based out of Shanghai as well as a U.S. office in Delaware. I wonder if the positions are telecommute since the entire thing is a podcast that, technically, everything can be done remotely.

In any case, this re-visit of the podcast definitely shows that there are pretty interesting business models surrounding podcasts.

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