POP 88 #26 – FAVs of 2009

JewelryG.E.M. TangWill-W
Happy New Year Everyone!

This year end special of POP 88 brings you my personal favorites of 2008. I really tried to be diverse, and made every effort not to repeat songs I’ve already played this year. It is, however, rather bias as you will see/hear. It is MY personal favorites list, afterall.

Again, I find some trouble finding a decent new years resolution and resolve to use the word “actually” less in my podcast … although listening back to the show, sounds like I’ve already failed miserably even before the new year started. Someone run a bean counter on that – thanks.

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See you all next year!

Favorites of the Year and Playlist

모를까봐서 (They Might Know) – Jewelry
From: Kitchi Island

See: Eps #23 – Ballad Special

Live Performance:
1. 혼자하는 사랑 (Love Done Alone) – Seo In Young
From: Yoon Do Hyun’s Love Letter

Cross Over:
2. 愛人 (Lover) – Chae Yeon
From: Special Edition Chinese Release

Star to watch of the Year:
Seo In Young

3. Too Much – Crown J feat. Seo In Young
Special Digital single release

Black Diamond – Double feat. Namie Amuro
From: The BEST Collaborations – DOUBLE

See: Eps #21 – QnA with Gordon Liu

Guilty Pleasure:
4. 等一個他 (Waiting for Him) – G.E.M. Tang
From: G.E.M.

Taiwanese Idol Drama: Fated to Love You
Starring Joe Chen Qiao En and Ethan Ruan
Fated to Love You

Shuwa Puccho Stick Candy (Cola Flavour)
Shuwa Puccho Stick Candy

Mash Up:
5. La La La Boomerang Show (Big Bang vs. CSJH vs. Kat Deluna) – mas4
From: K-BOOTIE Vol.1

Kitchi Island – Jewelry
6. Black Diamond

House Tracks:
See: Eps #23 – House Music Mix

7. Push the Envelope – Will-W
From: Bodytalk

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