Is a Tall Geeky White Man My Ideal Mate?

Like most of the girls around me, I spent a good number of my youthful years daydreaming about my wedding day. It was filled with beautiful things and loved ones. It involved a wonderful dress and yummy food. And of course, it involved the man of my dreams. In those daydreams, the MOMD — man of my dreams — was a tall, burly Asian man with dark hair and almond shaped eyes; he would look at me with love in his eyes as I would look at him. I was surrounded by Asians, and I always thought I’d marry an Asian guy.

But fast-forward many years and insert influences of American TV with the rise in popularity of the geeky, nice guy with characters like Ed from Ed, Ben from Knocked-Up, Jim from The Office, and Chuck from Chuck. This is not an exhaustive list, but it sure helped catapult geeky guys from the geeky pool into the hottie pool.

Needless to say, those nice and geeky characters I enjoyed on screen have turned this gal, who always thought she’d marry Asian, into a gal who desires a tall, geeky, white man to replace the tall, burly Asian man of her daydreams. But it makes me wonder… does this make me a traitor?

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