The Life Cycle of Instant Yakisoba

Okay, I admit it; I’m nuts for yakisoba, what is basically glorified ramen. But when you’re in a world where Asian goods aren’t as easy to get, and the stars and moons align just right, you would be amazed at the things that you find. And on my last trip to Atlanta, my mother introduced me to Myojo Ippei-chan Instant Yakisoba Noodles.

The Japanese have really turned up the heat on how instant noodles work these days. Back in college, it was just a little cup that you peeled back the cover, put in the hot water and steep the noodles. With this yakisoba though, there’s a lot more to the actual process:

  • Actually had to put in vegetables that were dried before.
  • Steep the noodles and veggies in hot water
  • Peel back the drainage spout, drain the water
  • Peel the rest of the cover and put in the rest of the sauces, mayo, spices, etc.
  • Mix it up
  • EAT!

Maybe it’s just me, but this entire process was actually enlightening that the Japanese found another way to make something that was cheap and great in my high school and college years into something that was even more delicious and actually pretty ingenious packaging!

Photo Credit: (firelace)

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