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300px-instantnoodlesFood seems to be an all important topic among Asians, so what better food to talk about than Asian Noodles. 8asians has of course written about instant yakisoba recently and even had a discussion about instant noodles in reference to Barack Obama. This week the Atlanta Journal-Constitution did a review of instant noodles and the Fort Worth Star Telegram reviewed soba noodles as the new hot (and cold) food of choice. There’s even a story this week discussing Yankee Stadium’s new fare which will include Asian noodle bowls.

All this talk of noodles, reminds me that when I was growing up, I wanted to live on instant ramen noodles. I even told my parents all I wanted to eat for every meal was a package of instant ramen. It was a brand called “Sun Lih Mien” (my spelling’s not quite correct), that we could only find in Chinatown. The packaging was red and orange and had a rooster on the front. I haven’t been able to find Sun Lih Mien anywhere for at least 10 or more years. It’s unfortunate since, I liked the stuff so much I used to eat the stuff raw, right out of the package (admit it, you did too).

My parents of course would have none of this, and to convince me I had to eat something else besides instant noodles, my mom used to tell me this story of a man in Taiwan who ate nothing but Sun Lih Mien for a year and died from malnutrition. I never found out if that story was true, but I couldn’t disagree with her since she had read it in the Chinese newspaper. Did anyone else hear of this story? And are you familiar with this brand and have you found it recently?

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