Political Aspirations of Latinos and Asians Clash in Congressional Race

congressionalraceCalifornians may be aware that there is a special election this Tuesday, May 19th with some propositions on the ballot.  There’s also an open race for the 32nd congressional seat in Los Angeles; an area that includes Rosemead, El Monte, Baldwin Park, Covina and most of Monterey Park. The Los Angeles Times insightfully analyzes the racial dynamics of the race with the two leading contenders: Dr. Judy Chu — Chair of the California Board of Equalization — and Latino California State Senator Gil Cedillo:

“Standing in Chu’s way, however, is no small barrier: The inclination of voters to cast ballots along ethnic lines. Latino voters still outnumber Asians by more than 3 to 1 in the district, a blessing for Gil Cedillo, Chu’s chief rival … In Chu’s case, she would need perhaps a third of Latinos to join Asians and whites in voting for her.”

Latinos currently make up 51%  of the electorate in the district. Racial politics aside, Chu does seemed to be the most experienced and qualified candidate, and has lined up an impressive number of key endorsements, including most area city council members. Is the age of racial politics in America over in the age of Obama? I doubt it, but how about in the world of multiracial, minority-majority California?

(Image source: The Los Angeles Times)

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