Selca: Taking Photos of Yourself, So You Don’t Look Like A Fool Taking Someone Elses


It is no secret, Asians like their photos — they like being in them and taking them. Koreans even have a term that identifies a whole different genre of photo-taking: selca, made by marrying two English words together, self and capture. Selca is all the rage and many celebrities and non-celebrities have a slew of photos they have self captured. There have even been tips on how to best selca so one is presenting their best feature. Singer/actress Nam Gyu Ri has gained much attention for being a selca-lover and newcomer Lee Si Young has gained love for her lovely selcas.

And maybe another reason while selcas are so popular is to avoid looking like the folks who have been captures in awkward positions in an attempt to capture the flattering image of people and such. I’ll be perfectly honest: I am pretty sure I’ve “posed” in similar fashion to capture photos of friends and family at outings, and I’ve seen more than one of my family members striking a similar pose when they’ve taken pictures. I just didn’t know exactly how silly it looked until multiple photos were posted in this blog post.

But hey, we all need to pay a price – no matter how awkward and embarrassing – if we want nice photos.

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