I Have Seen the Future, and its Name is JetLev

Ever since I saw the opening ceremonies of the 1984 Los Angeles Summer Olympics with a man flying on a jetpack, I’ve always wondered when I could have one of my own. Behold, Canadian-based JetLev, founded by Chinese Canadian Raymond Li. JetLev’s “jetpack” is actually a water-powered jet pack that can launch users 30 feet into the air by pumping water through a tethered 30-foot cable powered by a jet ski motor, and will only set you back a mere $130,000. Now I know what I want after I buy my Segway.

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I'm a Taiwanese-American and was born & raised in Western Massachusetts, went to college in upstate New York, worked in Connecticut, went to grad school in North Carolina and then moved out to the Bay Area in 1999 and have been living here ever since - love the weather and almost everything about the area (except the high cost of housing...)
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