Phillipe “The Filipino Assassin” Nover runs into some bad luck in the UFC

MMA fighter and registered nurse Phillipe “The Filipino Assassin” Nover, who we wrote about in the past, has run into some bad luck. After losing in The Ultimate Fighter 8 finals, many people felt that he was counted out early in his next UFC match against Kyle Bradley. Then, after taking a fight against Sam Stout on four weeks notice, he was set to fight at UFC‘s Fight Night 19 when hours before his match he had a seizure which caused the fight to be cancelled.   The cause of his seizure was said to be a “a syncopal episode and hyperglycemia.”  In his blog, he mentions that he needs to see a neurologist for an EEG and to see his primary care doctor about diabetes.

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Could this guy have diabetes?  Just look at him – he is fit and really cut.  As he said in his blog,

“Even though I view myself as this super healthy athlete who eats right and exercises all day long, there is something wrong with me which I have no control of.”

It is possible that he had hyperglycemia from eating a lot after making his weight cut.  It also possible too that getting hit repeatedly, an occupational hazard of being a professional fighter, has started taking its toll.  He was labeled “fainting Phillipe” by UFC president Dana White because he passed out at the start of the Ultimate Fighter 8.  Then again, he really might have diabetes.  Since he grew up in the US, studies have shown that he is more likely to have diabetes than if he had grown up in Asia.  A occupational hazard of being Asian-American.

He says he feels fine now, but he has resolved to find out what is wrong with him so he can get back into the cage.   The UFC graciously paid him any way despite the fact that he didn’t fight.  I think one additional factor is that he has been under tremendous pressure as after being hyped as “the next Anderson Silva” or “a young GSP”.  In any case, best of luck, Phillipe!

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