NSFW: Keni Styles as a (Straight) Sulu in a Porn Movie

Honestly, I’m surprised this hasn’t been done sooner: on the heels of the awesome Star Trek remake that was done last summer, a recently released porn’s just been released parodying Star Trek called This Ain’t Star Trek XXX 2. (Note: This link is NSFW — so do NOT look at this at work — or at least where people will wonder what the hell you’re doing.)

What’s cool about this porno is that there’s someone who plays a Sulu analogue, Keni Styles.  What’s also very cool — to most of you anyway, me notsomuch — is that he’s straight, AND he gets laid. Apparently in the first installment, the obviously named This Ain’t Star Trek XXX, Sulu’s character didn’t get any. (Again, this link is NSFW.)

Considering I’m not really that much into straight porn, it was a surprise to see Keni Styles in this video since he had done some, ahem, solo scenes geared for a gay audience, especially since there are practically no well known straight Asian male porn stars;  there are considerably more Asian male porn stars for us gay men. Indeed, his Wikipedia page notes that he’s apparently the “first” straight Asian male porn star (albeit he’s based in the UK and is originally from Thailand). Thinking back, I honestly can’t think of any other straight Asian male porn stars out there.  Which begs the question: with all the straight Asian guys bitching about no representation in media, mainstream or otherwise — why aren’t Asian guys willing to perform in straight porn?

[EDITORS UPDATE: This Ain’t Star Trek XXX 2 has NOT been released as of the time of this blog post: a photographer informed us in the comments section that Sulu’s scene will be filmed next week. Sorry for the confusion!]

Photo used with permission from Jeff Koga. (Caption courtesy of Ernie)

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