Hiroyuki Sanada: New Asian Guy on Lost!

If you’re like me, then you’re probably sitting at your desk at work, surrounded by fanatical coworkers discussing last night’s premiere of Lost. Yes, it’s the start of the final season and yes, more questions have been asked than answered in last night’s episode, but can we please talk about the most important thing revealed?

THERE’S A NEW ASIAN GUY! And he seems really important! One of the reasons why I enjoy this show (which I’ve only started watching very recently because for some reason, catching up on Real Housewives seemed more important in the past 6 years) is their storyline around Sun and Jin’s relationship–and the fact that they continue to tangle and unravel their personal history and marriage. And don’t forget about Ken Leung, who plays the smart-ass “I can hear dead people” Miles. Their Asian characters are portrayed as I want all Asian television characters to be done: well developed roles with a connection to their cultural background but without having their racial identity overshadow the plot, require some sort of cheesy kimono costume…or mean that they’re going to be killed off very soon.

Okay, so maybe Daniel Dae Kim’s Korean accent is sub-par but at least he’s involved with a fellow Korean actress and like…stuff. Whatever.

Let’s get back to Hiroyuki Sanada, who you may recognize from such movies like Sunshine or The Last Samurai. Last night’s premiere didn’t reveal too much about his role, except that he seems to be super important to the island, he’s bilingual, can grow facial hair and doesn’t like the way English sounds on his tongue. That’s fucking BAD-ASS. Maybe I should try that with my family. I don’t know how that will work.

And no, that’s not a spoiler if you haven’t seen the episode yet. I can’t wait to see where Sanada’s character goes next. Maybe the island turns out to be some sort of giant mecha robot from Japan?

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