Two Moms: Fighting for Family

I picked up this story about Shirley Tan and her partner Jay off a couple of blogs and I can think of few things that seriously piss me off more. Though I’m a person of faith, and it’s my “job,” sometimes working within an institution that has generally ambiguous views towards gays and lesbians based on various religious reasons can be hard enough for me to swallow some days, especially over anything that tries to keep families apart when there is enough in this world that succeeds at it. I feel particularly sensitive to this issue since I work with kids who have dealt with divorce/separation. It’s still a different story when there is no good reason for a family to not be together based on something like race and ethnicity (I’m thinking about the immigration issues in AZ and soon so many other states in the US) or the parents’ sexual orientation.

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Mihee lives in the Mid-West with her husband, toddler-aged twins (yes, terrible twos is actually a thing), and baby #3. Though her reserve of brain cells is seriously depleted she is still passionate about Asian American culture, religion and social justice for marginalized people, stories about Korea, sports, and power naps. During the day, she spends a lot of time trying to remember which baby needs to eat or get a diaper change, mentoring and ministering to college students, occasionally taking a walk, writing, watching Sportscenter, or grabbing coffee. You can read her blog here.
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