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Over the last year that I’ve produced content for, I thought it was interesting that we never actually had a video of our own to explain what it is that we do. Fortunately, we’ve just compiled a promotional spot that gives you the rundown of what we’re all about. In this video, we’ve included just a handful of the many talented artists and public figures that have helped make our online broadcast become what it is today.

Special thanks goes out to our friends at Plan C Group for allowing us to use Jaeson Ma’s “Love” as well as PlayStation PULSE’s very own Christina Lee for lending her voice to our cause.

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About Steve Nguyen

Steve Nguyen is a Vietnamese American director, writer, producer, and co-founder of Studio APA. Nguyen and director Choz Belen make up the Studio APA duo, specializing in the production of short films, animation, and music videos. Nguyen is the co-founder of, an online news source that started in 2008 which posts news updates and video interviews about Asian Americans in mainstream/independent media.
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