WTF: Designing Your Dream Asian Girl via iPhone App

Screenshots from the Designing Your Dream Asian Girl iPhone App

Last week over on Angry Asian Man, I learned that the folks at Spendthrift Studios have developed an iPhone application called Design Your Dream Asian Girl. I wasn’t too sure if I should be amused or offended. But before blogging about the app, I thought I would check it out: I mean, it’s only $0.99.

Well, I think the iPhone fart app is probably a lot more entertaining and useful than Design Your Dream Asian Girl — you are given three ethnicities to choose from to “design” your dream Asian girl – Chinese, Taiwanese and Korean (one model for each ethnicity). Then you can scroll through some choices for your preferred eyes, nose and lips. Finally, you can save the photo to your iPhone or email it to a friend. Not only are the women not that dreamy, but if you ask me, the Photoshopped eyes, nose and lips look kind of creepy. How this app made it through the Apple app store reviewers is beyond me.

This app couldn’t have taken that long to develop and I’m sure the developers were hoping to cash in (or as my brother’s college classmate Eugene Lin would put it, Steve Jobs’ butt money) on the plenty of men out there with Asian fetishes. If the future of mobile computing are apps like Design Your Dream Asian Girl, God help us all.

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