All Eyes on K-Town’s Young Lee

MTV IggyK-Town Exclusive: Spotlight on Young (MTVK)

Starting with my first piece on Scarlet Chan, it is clear that I hold tremendous amount of love for K-Town–so much that Joz and I will be taking turns covering every single of the reality TV show cast. For those of you still wondering, the show has yet to be picked up but Eddie Kim, one of the producers of the show, has informed me that the announcement will be imminent so we will definitely let you know when that comes. For those of you wondering why there is so much fuss over a show that has yet to be picked up, it is because this reality TV show is causing a tremendous amount of buzz just for creating so much controversy within the Asian American community, despite being looked eagerly upon by the mainstream media. Joz recently did a piece on Steve “Mohawk” Kim and today, all attention will be on the smooth dancing machine, Young Lee.

I have yet to meet Young but from watching this MTV spotlight, it is apparent that dancing is his passion, as he is one freaky fresh dancer. And clearly very horny, which is totally awesome from a bro point of view because it’s about time a show depicted Asian men other than being asexual nerds. From what we can see of the spotlights so far on the male cast members, all of them surely know how to get it on with the ladies. Despite the troubling concern (or a new stereotype as Disgrasian would like to put it) that they can’t seem to keep their shirts on, I’m actually totally okay with that. If I could have the balls to just take my shirt off in a club, I would totally do it.

I definitely share his admiration for Jennifer because she’s one sizzle-tastic beautiful woman but I did find it interesting how he would describe her as “half Asian, half American” as the Asian American Studies side of me instantly kicked in and wanted to yell out “it’s half WHITE, dang it!” But Young gets a pass for totally rocking the Michael Jackson. I eagerly look forward to seeing future MTV spotlights on the remaining cast members.

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