Nam Phan Gets Robbed at The Ultimate Fighter 12 Finale

As this comment mentions, the UFC’s first televised featherweight match saw Nam Phan lose in a highly controversial split decision.    Most people watching gave the match to Phan, and the you can hear the audience chant their disapproval in the above video.  Even his opponent, Leonard “Bad Boy” Garcia, thought that Phan won, and commentator Joe Rogan went on a long rant about poor judging in MMA.

Despite officially losing, I think Nam Phan won in many ways.  He was given his win bonus and a $30,000 Fight of the Night Bonus to add to his $8,000 fight salary.   A large audience saw him beat a game opponent who once fought for the WEC featherweight title.  One MMA columnist called him one of the three MMA stars of that weekend.  This can only help Nam with getting publicity for his own martial arts school and to procure sponsors.  Still, as he says in my interview with him, he’ll have to really work hard to win, as the WEC/UFC merger makes it easier to get cut.
(h/t to Angry Asian Man for the video pointer)

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