What Asian American kids watch on the Internet: Freddie Wong’s YouTube Channels

My sons like first person shooter games such as the Call of Duty series, and they often watch YouTube videos of people playing such games in order to learn new tricks and tactics.  I noticed that Number Two Son was looking at what looked like a Call of Duty game, but the players were live real people!  It turns out the video shown above, Future First Person Shooter is one in a series of videos by Freddie Wong.

Wong, a graduate of USC’s film school and noted video game competitor (winning the 2007 Guitar Hero 2 championship at the World Series of Video Games), owns and runs OverCrank Media, which makes feature and online video content.  He is currently spending much time acting in and making YouTube videos for his channel freddiew.  With almost 900,000 subscribers, he is doing quite well, joining a host of other Asian American YouTube stars prospering online.

Wong  doesn’t just do video game oriented videos.  I recently saw Number Two Son watching Guitar Army.  I like some of his other ones like the one below, which was made because “everyone in special effects has to do a light saber movie!”

Wong has a separate YouTube channel, freddiew2, that offers behind the scenes views of his work, where he often explains how he and his team do things.  In the video below, his team explains how certain effects from “Jedi A-Holes” were made.  In other videos in this channel, he goes into detail about special effect equipment, software tools, and how to create effects with those tools.

To be both entertained and enlightened, check out Freddie Wong and his YouTube channels.

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