Filipino Blogger Uproar Over Hoax Study That Claims Filipinos are Gullible

So in the past few days, there’s been an uproar within the Filipino blogosphere about a study that claims Filipinos are gullible. In this study purported to be done by Harvard, they have ranked first in gullibility. And of course, the Filipino bloggers have fallen for it, hook, line and sinker.

The study was done by Harvard Institute of Socio-Political Progression, with the dubious acronym HIS-PP. The instrument used to measure this was called the Gump Index. And, of course, they were ranked #1 behind the Trojans of the 13th Century BC. How they managed to get living Trojans who are that old is beyond me.

Thankfully, some Filipinos are getting the joke. What’s funny, sad and surprising is that so many actually believe it. As a friend of mine sniffed, “Filipinos are less likely to do their research and look at the sources quoting this.” Maybe this explains why so many Filipinos watch Fox News with the crazy conservative Filipina American commentators who parrot the views that their white compatriots believe. (Joke lang, really.)

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Efren is a 30-something queer Filipino American guy living in San Francisco. In the past, he was a wanna-be academic even teaching in Asian American studies at San Francisco State, a wanna-be queer rights and HIV activist, and he used to "blog" when that meant spewing one's college student angst using a text editor on a terminal screen to write in a BBS or usenet back in the early 90s. For all his railing against the model minority myth, he's realized he's done something only a few people can claim--getting into UCSF twice, once for a PhD program in medical sociology which he left; and then for pharmacy school, where he'll be a member of the class of '13. He apologizes profusely for setting the bar unintentionally high for his cousins. blog twitter
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