Commenter Spotlight: m.wei

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8Asians readers, meet commenter m.wei:

Tell us a little bit about yourself. Where are you from? What do you do for a living?

I’m part of the Chinese 1.5 generation immigrant tribe: born in Beijing and grew up mostly on the East Coast before moving out here to California after school. So that means unfortunately I have a foot on two boats; however, I think I’m in good company as most Asian-Americans are looking for the same probably non-existent idea of “identity.”

By day I’m a mild mannered project engineer and by night I’m a raving internet flame warrior. But recently I think I’ve learned to channel my rage to artistic endeavors instead of attacking the bottle.

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How did you find out 8Asians?

I follow the swag! (But the less douchy and honest answer is I probably followed links from other Asian websites.)

What kinds of posts on 8Asians do you comment on the most?

The ones I get into flame wars, of course. But generally I’m interested in the ones that show Asians in unique and non-stereotypical behaviors. The pot growing ah-mas was classic.

What has been the post on 8Asians you’ve reacted the most strongly? Are you the type of person to click BORED on a post?

I’m giving up on that NYPD tackling the 64 year old musician post, but that turned up the heat. I’m the type of person to click BORED on a reply if it’s not a call for arms. Mostly, though, I get a rise out of Asians encouraging each other to keep quiet instead of speaking up.

What’s your Asian comfort food?

It gets ugly when I’m at the Chinese buffet. Green onion pancake is probably the first thing I go after.

Anything else you want to add?

I think it’s wonderful that there are so many Asian-American websites in recent years that have taught me so much APA history I missed out on in school. I think it’s important to recognize all the multifaceted opinions out there just shows Asians are a diverse group of people like everybody else, from the NO-NO boys to even Bobby Jindal’s jumping on the “birther” bandwagon.

The mainstream media doesn’t want to show it, but the internet is truly the grassroots forum for the amazing inroads Asians are weaving into the American social fabric. This sounds like a 10th grade essay cliche, but the ultimate goal is still Dr. King’s dream of judged not by our skin color [or eye shape], but by the content of our character.


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