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Jane Lui Seen Through the Eyes of a Music Snob

Back in 2005, I was dragged by a friend into a large conference hall where some girl named Jane Lui was performing. I had somewhere else I wanted to be, but since my friend was one of the organizers for … Continue reading

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Asian American Commercial Watch: 2012 Honda Civic “Ninja” I caught this recent Honda commercial during the NBA Finals. Although I found the accompanying song’s lyrics a bit repetitive, I found it to be surprisingly quite catchy along with the action going along in the commercial.

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APA Spotlight: Ling Woo Liu, Director, Korematsu Institute for Civil Rights and Education

APA Spotlight is a weekly interview of Asian Pacific Islander Americans (APIA) community leaders. It is a spotlight on individuals who have dedicated their careers to issues surrounding the APIA community with the goal of bringing much deserved recognition to … Continue reading

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Overweight or Overdone: A Panel of Little Girls Discuss Body Image

ABC News gathered a panel of 5 to 8-year-old girls and asked their opinions on what’s fat, what’s thin, what looks good and what looks bad. Their bluntly honest answers aligned, sadly, with a recent study that suggested almost half … Continue reading

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Bochan’s “Chnam Oun 16” Music Video of Empowerment Bochan is a singer/songwriter from Oakland, California and her music video “Chnam Oun 16” (I am 16)  is a cover of a 70’s Cambodian song by Ros Sereysothea about the coming of age for a woman.

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The Tough Life Of An Anchor Baby

The recent news about the closing of a home in San Gabriel, CA that housed a maternity tourism business, along with the recent focus on anchor babies, has put even more light on the fate of the babies born to … Continue reading

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Krunk Fu Battle Battle at East West Players

I just caught the East West Players production of Krunk Fu Battle Battle, and I gotta say, the one word that really describe this hip-hop musical is FUN. Not only are there some sick dance moves executed on stage, the … Continue reading

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German Fraternities in ‘Non-Aryan’ Race Row

Controversy has erupted within the Burschenschaften — more or less the German version of college fraternities, but with sillier hats — over accusations of discrimination after the Alte Breslauer Burschenschaft in Bonn sought to expel a particular Burschenschaft for allowing a … Continue reading

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Ask an Asian: What’s Asian Identity in Other Parts of the World Like?

Every so often, we here at 8Asians get e-mails asking for advice. In this case, this isn’t so much a question about what to wear at a Chinese New Year dinner or what to tell Asians to bring to a … Continue reading

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Tina Tsai’s “The Legend of Phoenix Mountain”

[EDITORS NOTE: We are lucky enough to have the author, Tina Tsai, as a regular contributor to 8Asians! Read her posts.] Kyle Lin’s got his American dream all planned out–ace all the tests, have extracurricular activities, graduate valedictorian, get accepted … Continue reading

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An Affirmative Action Plan for the Interracial Dating Disparity

For those not au fait with APA blogosphere lingo, “IR disparity” refers to the Asian American heterosexual male’s gripe with Asian American heterosexual females dating and marrying “out,” as in getting it on with non-Asians. Yes, it’s a gripe, a … Continue reading

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Michelle Kwan Goes to Washington

Last year, I had blogged about former Olympic skater Michelle Kwan giving a graduation speech while she herself earning her master’s degree at Tufts’ Fletcher School of Diplomacy. A few weeks ago, Kwan graduated and is now moving to Washington, … Continue reading

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