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Hi everyone. I'm a Mien-Asian American guy born and raised in Sacramento. What's Mien? Even I have a hard time explaining that, to put in short, south-eastern Chinese. I'm a big fan of all sorts of music and you'll probably find me at some coffee shop blasting music, reading books or browsing the internet for stuff to write about.

Obsessed British Student Lengthens Tongue To Speak Korean

I’ve read a lot of things about obsession. Obsession with celebrities, obsession with eating disorders, obsession with video games and so forth, but I’ve never heard of an obsession so extreme that the person will modify their bodies to be … Continue reading

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Street Fighter x Hello Kitty: A Kitty Fighter!

When I hear someone even mumble the words “Street Fighter,” my heart rate sky rockets and my eyes light up. I imagine pushing buttons, throwing projectiles and super combos upon some poor newbie. Capcom is very well known for collaborating … Continue reading

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Get your Cho on: Margaret Cho’s campaign

She’s at it again. No, not Britney. Margaret Cho! The Drop Dead Diva star is launching a campaign promoting her album, Cho Dependent and donating 20% of the proceeds to Immediate Justice, a human rights charity. However, this campaign focuses … Continue reading

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Slant Book Review: Timothy Wang’s Debut Novel

Timothy Wang’s debut novel Slant is about a gay Chinese boy growing up in America. As I was reading along, I found myself constantly laughing and relating to almost every page. Wang tackles the issues that Asians and Asian Americans … Continue reading

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Daniel Park Interview: A One Man Band

There aren’t that many Asian American singers and songwriters in the media these days. Actually, I don’t think Asian Americans get all the much recognition because they’re considered the underdogs of music. As I was sitting at The Coffee Garden … Continue reading

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PINK DOT-Singapore Supports the Freedom to Love

PINK DOT is an annual event in Singapore that allows the LGBT community to come together in open air and be proud of who they are. Think of a miniature gay pride event in pink but without all the craziness … Continue reading

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Bochan’s “Chnam Oun 16” Music Video of Empowerment Bochan is a singer/songwriter from Oakland, California and her music video “Chnam Oun 16” (I am 16)  is a cover of a 70’s Cambodian song by Ros Sereysothea about the coming of age for a woman.

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The Ethnic Value: Having Pride in Asian Culture

Ethnicity is what runs through our veins. We are living proof of our ancestors who fought in wars, struggled through the hard times and made history. Though our generation is quite blind by what we perceive through the media and … Continue reading

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Family Disoriented Man: Accepting Yourself in a Traditional Asian Household

I grew up in a household where all the boys sported either bowl cuts or mullets. Yes, I said it, my brother had a mullet. This was the default hairstyle: you either had to be a victim of a medium … Continue reading

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