Get your Cho on: Margaret Cho’s campaign

She’s at it again. No, not Britney. Margaret Cho! The Drop Dead Diva star is launching a campaign promoting her album, Cho Dependent and donating 20% of the proceeds to Immediate Justice, a human rights charity. However, this campaign focuses on encouraging and empowering the liberation of young women and queer colored people.

I absolutely love it when artists and websites collaborate to promote their work in attempt to make a difference in the world. I’m all for liberation and female empowerment. Having someone who is Asian American in the public eye promoting this gives me hope.

Though, as a bisexual woman herself, I believe Margaret had an obligation to not just the LGBT community but to all women. This is another knockout by the lovely comedian and it couldn’t have come at a better time, something to emit laughter when the world needs it.

Not only was I excited for this, but on behalf of YAWMA, Margaret Cho is offering  “The Sexting Bundle”  which includes her Grammy nominated album with an additional 2 unreleased tracks for a minimum donation of $1 for two days, which started July 12th. The top donor will be casted as an extra in her music video “Asian Adjacent.”

The second top donor will receive Cho goods, an autographed CD by the comedian herself and limited edition items. If 500 people take part in this, each participant will receive an unreleased track called “Sexting” by a drag queen Sherry Vine who is notoriously known for doing top 40 parodies that features Margaret Cho. So Cho fans, you better help empower liberation, you might be standing next to the diva herself. Looks like I’m going to broke after this.

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