Street Fighter x Hello Kitty: A Kitty Fighter!

When I hear someone even mumble the words “Street Fighter,” my heart rate sky rockets and my eyes light up. I imagine pushing buttons, throwing projectiles and super combos upon some poor newbie.

Capcom is very well known for collaborating with other well known companies, with games like Marvel vs Capcom, Street Fighter vs X-Men, Street Fighter x Tekken, and so forth. I love it these crossovers because it shows us, the gamers, for their artistry, their creativity and respect for competition.

Now, Capcom has announced an odd collaboration with Sanrio’s famous feline, Hello Kitty. Yes, that’s right, the red bow-tied, clad in overalls cat will have a say in the beloved Street Fighter franchise.

This has to be a joke right? Wrong.

I immediately jumped to the conclusion of the poor feline getting her behind kicked by the Street Fighter characters with no mercy. Before “meow” can come out of Hello Kitty’s nonexistent mouth, she’ll get blasted by Ryu’s haddoken or fall victim to Zangief’s piledriver.

Sadly, the adored kitten won’t have a chance to participate in the video games. She’ll be shooting out merchandise. Fans of both franchises will be able to purchase Street Fighter inspired Hello Kitty products, meaning Chun-Li’s outrageous, revealing clothing and Vega’s over the top tights will be showcased by none other than Japan’s unofficial cat mascot.

I’m a little outraged over this future cross brand of the franchises. I understand that some companies are running out of ideas and they must sacrifice if not completely surprise their fans, but I’m not sure if this is the right way. I feel a little cheated and robbed of my childhood hobbies. The franchise that I hold so close is collaborating with another brand that mainly appeals to little girls.

Now, I don’t mind Hello Kitty, but it seems like everywhere I turn, there she is, in my face, or at school. Soon, it’ll be dressed as the video games characters I grew up with. I’m sure all the little girls will soon be kicking veteran gamer butts during one on one matches.

Jill Koch, the vice president of brand management and marketing of Sanrio said:

Hello Kitty and Street Fighter have a dedicated core following around the world and our collaboration brings the legacy of both brands together in a fun and unexpected way.

Unexpected? Yes. Fun? I’m not too sure. The SF inspired merchandise is set to go on racks this fall. Believe or not, it’s going to happen and when that day comes, I’m completely avoiding every little kid on the planet.

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