Wanted on Yelp: Western Men & Asian Women For Speed Dating Night

Are you a single Asian woman between the ages of 23 to 41 looking for love? Are you a Western man in a slightly older age range who always dreamed about dating Asian women? If you’re one of the two (or maybe even both!) and happen to live in the Southern California area, then August 20th will be your lucky day, as the Two Asian Matchmakers are hosting a special Asian Speed Dating Party for people just like you.

Excuse me while I surgically remove my eyes from rolling into the back of my head.

Okay, where was I? Oh yes, the Asian Women and Western Men Speed Dating Party. So here’s the criteria. Women, you have to be Asian (otherwise, what’s the point?) and Western men, you need to be the following:

If you’re man 5’8 or above, have a solid job, ambitious, comfortable in your own skin, and financially secure, you are invited! Of course, all are welcomed as long as you appreciate Asian cultures and the fine women of Asian countries!

But don’t think this is just limited to Caucasian men, because the invitation states multiple times that “all ethnicities are welcome to join.” You just have to be over 5’8 and Western–which we all know means white. I mean, come on, Two Asian Matchmakers, we can see straight through you: “Western” does not entail a cowboy hat, leather chaps and spurs. “Western” doesn’t mean growing up in the Western hemisphere.

“Western” means not Asian, especially when you include a height requirement because all Asian men are short, right? (Yeah, tell that to my Asian guy friends who can easily hit the 6′ mark.) “Western” means not Asian, because why else would you have to ask for an appreciation of the “fine women of Asian countries?” “Western” means not Asian because when you go on the Two Asian Matchmakers website, you see a picture of a generic white guy next to their clientele description.

Oh, but don’t take this the wrong way, because “all ethnicities are welcome.” And by “all ethnicities,” we really mean “every cultural background from around the world, except for Asia.”

The whole interracial relationship debate on 8Asians has been said, done, written, ranted, and trolled to death. But when I see ridiculous events like this Speed Dating Night that so negate the presence of Asian men and objectify Asian women as dating material based on their race, I realize that we are a long way from overcoming the gender issues that affect our community. So what do you do? Do you just laugh? Or do you get angry at how matchmaking services like this continue the derogatory stereotypes about Asian men, women and interracial relationships?

I know what to do. Let’s all crash this Speed Dating Night, cowboy hats and all. Who’s in?

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