10 Reasons Why You Should Like CookingForYouAndMe.com with Ronnie Woo

If you visit CookingForYouAndMe.com and read the bio on the website, you will see how Ronnie Woo’s culinary background has developed over the years and manifested into this website. And now he wants to become the Next Food Network Star. Here are ten reasons why you should “like,” “follow,” and “subscribe” to Ronnie online.

  1. Ronnie is Asian. Like, 100% Asian.
  2. There seems to be a lack of Asian Power on the Food Network.
  3. Ronnie would represent!
  4. He makes yummy food! Just look at the pictures!
  5. He is like super duper sexy. Like totally out of this world hot. Right?
  6. Ronnie’s videos are fun to watch.
  7. He loves puppies and kittens.
  8. Ronnie updates with new fun and interesting webisodes twice a week.
  9. You could learn a thing or seventeen by watching the videos.
  10. He is a really good person.

Don’t believe him? The most recent webisode of Cooking For You And Me with Ronnie Woo is on how to make an Herb Roasted Chicken:

For more cooking fun, you can like Cooking For You And Me on Facebook, follow on Twitter and subscribe on YouTube.

ABOUT RONNIE: Former Wilhelmina model, Ronnie Woo, just launched his culinary website, Cooking For You And Me, a cooking site built around the belief that not only does food bring people together, but it also nurtures and maintains love, whether it be romance, friendships, or family.

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