Toxic Chinese Honey Made It to U.S. Stores

According to the U.S. Food Safety News Chinese honeymakers are disguising the origin of their honey by shipping it to other Asian nations including Vietnam, Malaysia, and India, in order to smuggle it to the United States. What’s worse is that the honey from China may contain lead, an antibiotic chloramphenicol–used to stop a bacterial epidemic that was killing tens of millions of bees, and much of the honey made in China isn’t honey at all. “Chinese brokers…mix sugar water, malt sweeteners, corn or rice syrup, jaggery, barley malt sweetener, and other additives…” Just yesterday, it was also reported that the vinegar in China contained antifreeze and killed eleven people and hospitalized 120 people. What other fake and tainted products can China come up with next? — Mary

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