Chef Tai Lee Wins America’s Favorite Food Truck

With over 600 food trucks competing to be America’s Favorite Food Truck, America finally decided on who the winner is! Over four million voted and the winner is (drum rolls) Chef Tai’s Mobile Gourmet Food Truck from College Station, Texas! He will be donating part of his $10,000 grand prize to Texas Wildlife Relief Charity. Every time we think of a food truck owned by Asians, we automatically assume they serve Korean style tacos and burritos. However, Chef Tai is not the ordinary Asian food truck owner. He serves gourmet food with a twist and for a reasonable price. Instead of Korean tacos, he serves bistro style food. Chef Tai even created a gourmet burger using American Wagyu beef and spicy mayonnaise made with Sriracha chili paste. The description of it sounds delicious already! Congratulations Chef Tai!

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