Fell + Cole: San Francisco Inspired Ice Cream Arrives in Seoul

When I heard about a new ice cream store that had opened in Seoul, inspired by San Francisco’s gastronomic ice cream shops that are so popular, I put Fell + Cole on my schedule, during my recent vacation to Korea. With this Seoul ice cream shop offering beloved ice cream flavors such as salted caramel and honey lavender –favored by SF fans, I was curious to visit.

I, too, am a big fan of beloved SF ice cream shops such as Ici and Birite Creamery. And similar to Fell + Cole owner Tristan Choi, I sometimes make my own ice cream from scratch (with David Lebovitz’s Perfect Scoop as my trusty recipe guide). But how did this humble ice cream shop in Seoul garner such attention, halfway around the world?

In meeting Tristan at Fell + Cole, it is clear he is a big fan of San Francisco, including its ice creams. (he is also a big Giants fan!) Tristan has nothing but admiration for SF ice cream innvators, where he draws his inspiration for creating gourmet ice cream from scratch, using the best, local organic ingredients. He makes his ice creams in small batches; with the flavors changing daily.

Tristan was quick to point out that his inspiration comes from the flavors he loved while residing in San Francisco; such as caramel and honey lavender, which are commonly offered at ice cream stores in the bay area and elsewhere. Fell + Cole’s version is called “Burnt caramel with smoked sea salt,” whereas Birite’s is called “Salted caramel”. There are flavors not limited to one SF ice cream shop. (For David Lebovitz’s Salted Butter Caramel ice cream recipe, please click here). Kalimotxo sorbet or Jesus Juice sorbet is also offered at Fell + Cole–a flavor that can be found at Humphrey Slocombe. Tristan explained that the mixture of red wine and coke is a cheap alcoholic beverage in South America

It was clear that Tristan is a guy inspired by his time spent in San Francisco; a former Bay Area resident who has nothing but fond memories. His mission was to only bring some of the flavors of San Francisco, using his own interpretation of popular ice cream flavors, to Seoul.

I was pleased to find that Fell + Cole also offers unique Korea-inspired ice cream flavors, such as Makgeolli (Korean rice wine) and Perilla Leaf. What should Tristan’s next ice cream flavor be? Gojuchang chocolate ice cream, anyone?

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