Scott Tang’s Outsider Music Review

By Russell

A lot of pop music nowadays seem like it comes off an assembly line. Sure, it may be fun to dance to but once you dig into it there’s no substance. Leave it up to Scott Tang to inject some life into the otherwise stale pop scene. Already having released three crtitically-acclaimed albums, he’s back for more with his newest single “Outsiders” with a music video directed by filmmaker NaRhee Ahn.

Poking fun at the MTV generation, Tang and Ahn creates a music video that is both is easy on the ears and the heart. From its opening chords and scene you could tell that its something special. Piano-pop is quickly joined by a smooth beat, and Tang’s crooning voice, which is distorted yet real at the same time. The result is a catchy style that serves as a great dish that Tang and Ahn serves their message on, and what a message it is.

The music video starts off innocently enough with its main protagonist, played by VyVy Nguyen, picking out clothes for a party. The scene, supported by Tang’s lyrics, perfectly portrays the worrying feeling of looking one’s best, hoping others will notice you. It’s at that party however, does her worst fears come true, leaving her standing alone in the middle of a crowded club.

It’s Tang’s lyrics that make both the song and video uplifting. As he rescues our damsel-in-distress in the video, taking her away from the club, he sings of knowing your real place in life and being comfortable with it. As they dance in the parking lot in front Tang’s car’s headlights, he sings of the other half (being those that ignored her in the club) being enslaved to their artificial lifestyle. Through this video Tang and Ahn perfectly capture how being an outsider isn’t a burden, but a freeing opportunity with infinite possibilities and a perfect message for anyone who feels left out.

ABOUT RUSSELL: Russell is a Filipino-American born and raised in Hawaii. He is currently attending University of Hawaii at Manoa and working for the East-West Center.

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