Asians Make Up Only 0.4% Of Stars On Hollywood’s Walk Of Fame

In light of Shakira’s recent addition to the Hollywood Walk of Fame, CNN’s recent article on minorities in Hollywood calculates some fairly depressing statistics on diversity in the biz – only 0.4% of the 2,354 stars are Asians. That’s TEN STARS. I can count that on my fingers, I don’t even need my toes! The numbers aren’t that much better for Latino/as who come in with a whopping 3.4% and African Americans who have 5.1%. Leron Gubler, president and CEO of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, said: “There have been relatively few nominations for Asian entertainers. Someone has to be nominated by a sponsor in order to be considered with a star. The issue must be pursued by a nominator. The committee can only consider from the pool of candidates that have been nominated.” While that may be part of the problem, the lack of stars is fairly reflective of a larger problem. The dearth of Asians and Asian Americans in Hollywood is not news. Hollywood has vast shortcomings when it comes to including more minorities and for non-stereotypical roles (remember this and this), but the stat is still shocking.

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