The Walking Dead: Glenn & Maggie Fall for Each Other

My first post on Glenn and Maggie’s “one night stand” on AMC’s The Walking Dead was a bit tongue in cheek, kind of stating that the only way an Asian American man could “get” a white woman was if we lived in a post-apocalyptic zombie filled world.

In the past few episodes, we’ve seen Maggie really starting to fall for Glenn. In Episode 6 (Season 2), after Glenn saves Maggie from a “walker” (zombie) after another trip to the pharmacy where they first “did it,” Maggie expresses her concerns and feelings for him. Maggie explains that Glenn is the under-appreciated risk taker and unrecognized contributor of their group of survivalists. This statement could be mirrored I think how a lot of Asian American men and women feel in the workplace.

In Episode 7, Maggie is mad at Glenn for exposing a secret to his group. Glenn explains why, stating to Maggie he’d rather have her pissed off at him and alive rather than her like him and dead. When Maggie realizes that Glenn truly cares for her, she’s smitten and walks over to him and they make out, recognizing that they are falling for each other.

I really liked how this relationship has developed and I think comes across as very realistic (aside of course from the zombies in the storyline) and this is probably the most realistic Asian American male and white female relationship on television I’ve seen to date. The only other Asian Male (AM) – White Female (WF) relationship on TV I can recall ever blogging about was on the short lived revived Bionic Woman. But we see the beginnings and growth of this relationship, the up’s and the down’s. My first adult recollection of a realistic Asian American Female with a White Male relationship was probably on Friends in the mid-1990s when Ross was dating Julie.

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