Unrepentant Pete Hoekstra Pulls Offensive Ad And Web Site

SFGate’s Politics Blog and other sources have noted that Pete Hokestra has pulled his offensive ad and website.  A new ad has replaced the original ad while the website www.debbiespenditnow.com now redirects to his website www.petespenditnot.com. According to this report,  Hoekstra’s campaign said that they pulled it not because of the backlash but because it was part of the national progression of the campaign.  Hoekstra campaign spokesman Paul Ciaramitaro is quoted here:

“After hundreds of thousands of visitors to the micro-site saw our first campaign ad and the effects of Stabenow’s reckless spending, we wanted to direct traffic to Pete’s site where voters can see our second ad, which lays out Pete’s vision of fiscal discipline and economic growth.”

Definitely unrepentant.

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