CC Made Artisanal Caramels

This week’s “inspirasian” story is about professional-turned-entrepreneur Cassandra Chen. Born in Shanghai, Cassandra graduated from UC Davis and worked in finance. She ditched her business attire for chef pants, taking stints to work as line cooks in fine restaurants. At San Francisco’s renowned Jardiniere, Cassandra met her husband and then began a family. Not long after her first son was born, Cassandra conceived again. This time it was a business venture: CC Made.

CC Made is a product of Cassandra’s family traditions and her time on the pastry line. What started as heartfelt caramel products meant as gifts for family and relatives is now an established artisanal caramel company. For those with a sweet tooth and anti-chocolate tendencies, these caramels will certainly do the trick. Everything is handmade in small batches, and their rich flavor cannot be compared to the mass-produced caramels found in your average candy dish. Choose from Bitter Sea Salt, Madagascar Vanilla, and Himalayan Pink Salt ($6.50), in addition to an assortment of indulgent caramel corn and caramel sauces. CC Made buyers include the Tyler Florence shop, Dean & Deluca, fine grocery stores, and specialty cafes.

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