Asian American 2012 Congressional Election Results Wrapup

Well, Tuesday, November 6th, 2012 came and went and President Barack Obama was re-elected. However, other electoral news happened. This was a record year for Asian Americans running for the U.S. Senate and House. Five new Asian American and Pacific Islanders (AAPIs) were elected to serve in the 113th United States Congress (with one additional race too close to call), including:

Hirono becomes the first Asian American woman to ever to be elected into the U.S. Senate. Duckworth is the first Asian American woman combat (wounded) veteran ever to be elected into the House of Representatives. Gabbard is the first Hindu ever to be elected into the House. Meng is the first Asian American ever to represent a New York state Congressional district. And Takano becomes the first openly gay Asian American to serve in Congress. There is also a race that is to close to call

Unfortunately, three Asian Americans whom I have blogged about quite a bit, Otto Lee, Jay Chen, and Nate Shinagawa did not win their races for Congress. All three Democrats were running up hill in either heavily leaning or slightly leaning Republican districts and running against entrenched and well funded incumbents. Shinagawa came the closest to defeating his opponent, coming up 49% to 51% . Had Shinagawa won, he would have been the youngest member of Congress at age 28 or so (and like most Asian Americans his age – he looks much younger than he is).

Congrats to the victors and for those who came up short! Mr. Smith Goes to Washington is a classic American story, and I look forward to seeing the newly elected Ms. Hirono, Ms. Duckworth, Ms. Gabbard, Ms. Meng and Mr. Takano make their mark at the federal level and continue this diverse American story.


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