Cung Le Trying To Hold It Together With Movie Release And Upcoming UFC Fight

Cung Le is a busy guy:  he has been simultaneously been promoting The Man with the Iron Fists and preparing for a headlining fight against Rich Franklin this weekend at UFC on FUEL 6 in Macao.  This video follows him as he tries to hold it together doing both.  I think it’s interesting for a number of reasons.

To start with, it has some highlights from The Man with the Iron Fists that didn’t make it into the trailer.  In one such scene, Cung Le is fighting Lucy Liu.  During some of the promotion shots, you can also see Dave Bautista (the retired Asian American professional wrestler known as Batista), who plays Brass Body, the metal guy you can see in the trailer.  Incidentally, Bautista recently won his first MMA fight.

Also, the video talks about Cung Le going to Asia to promote the fight.  Although he is Vietnamese, he is known in China for some films that he did there, and I think that the UFC is using Le to help it break into the Chinese market.  You can see a fight scene from one of his Chinese movies here.

I personally don’t think that doing so many things at the same time is going to be good for his upcoming fight, especially making multiple transPacific flights.  Although almost as old as Cung Le, Rich Franklin is a tough tough guy who knocked out Chuck Liddell after Liddell broke his arm.  Le is considered a heavy underdog in the fight.

The Cung Le and Rich Franklin fight can be seen on FUEL TV early on the morning of November 10.  The Man with the Iron Fists was released last week.

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