Intersections of Arts and Violence by Isaac Ho

By Isaac Ho

When a horrible tragedy captures our nation’s attention (as happened with the Newtown shootings) we, as a society and as individuals, search for answers vowing to never allow such a tragedy to happen again. No industry wants the finger of blame pointed at them but that should not dissuade us from asking one of the more obvious questions: Is violence in popular entertainment a contributing factor to violence in society?

Isaac explores this topic and what he keeps in mind while creating his own fiction.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Isaac Ho is the author of The Repatriation of Henry Chin, the story of a pharmacist who goes on the run with his daughter when he is wanted for being a domestic terrorist. He is also the author of Death in Chinatown and Hell is Full of Strippers. His books are available at both in paperback and for the Kindle.

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