Post Show and Tell: “Dr. Ken” Behind the Scenes and On the Set

Post Show and Tell Dr. Ken Episode 1 YouTubeIf thirty minutes of Ken Jeong and his new ABC sitcom Dr. Ken (Friday nights at 8:30) aren’t enough of the good doctor to satisfy you (and how could they be?) check out the new Post Show and Tell video series, produced and hosted by’s @jozjozjoz. Not only does it provide conversation about and breakdown of each weekly episode, but it’s shot on the Dr. Ken set, with support and participation by the cast.

How cool is that? In the midst of what must have been a crazy few weeks for Jeong, he and his television daughter Krista Marie Yu sit down in the Park family’s living room to chat about stereotypes, the fictional Dr. Ken vs. real-life Dr. Ken, and the excellence of Fresh off the Boat.

“We have some crazy access,” says Wang. “More than we knew we were going to have.”

I have to say that I’m genuinely moved by Jeong’s effusive words about Fresh off the Boat, a show I’ve been highly critical of while yearning for its success. My primary need has been to be entertained on my terms, the only terms I’m qualified to write about, but Jeong reminds me that there’s more at stake than mere presence or representation: each step forward paves the way for more opportunity, and he clearly takes his part, as beneficiary and hopeful benefactor, with appropriate sobriety.

Post Show and Tell was so secret, 8Asians writers didn’t know about it until it went live Friday evening, which explains the complete lack of a heads-up on the very website Joz runs. A hat-tip to Justin at Asian American Action Fund, who had the early scoop.

New video is set to be posted immediately following each new episode of Dr. Ken, with viewer-submitted questions and more interviews with the cast.

For more Dr. Ken, also check out New Ken Jeong Sitcom Marks a Milestone in Primetime Diversity by Joz at NBC Asian America, and my review of the pilot episode.

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