Asian American Commercial Watch: Bounce’s “Don’t Let Wrinkles Ruin Your Meeting”

I caught this recent Bounce commercial:

“If only Harry used some Bounce to dry, he would be less wrinkly and winning at life. Toss wrinkles, static, lint, and pet hair goodbye.”

This businessman is pitching something to a group of humorless groups of Asians, which I assume are foreigners (since in the U.S., it would be unlikely for a group of Americans on a team to be all Asian Americans). Of course, his pitch would be better if he didn’t have a wrinkled shirt on.

Personally, I just like the parodied song.

Of course, in the alternative universe, the guy’s pitch is going great now that he has a non-wrinkled shirt on. I guess there is only so much creativity you can have for a fabric softener ….

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