Asian American Commercial Watch: Samsung Galaxy Note8’s “I Love You”

I haven’t seen this television commercial yet, but a friend sent me this link after he saw this Samsung Galaxy Note 8 commercial while watching an NFL football game on a Sunday evening on NBC:

“There’s a new way to share how you feel with Live Message on the new Samsung Galaxy Note8.”

After some research, I discovered this commercial debuted during the most recent Emmy Awards.

This is one of the rare commercials that highlights an Asian American male romantic lead in an inter-racial relationship with a white woman. As I’ve often mentioned, I think McDonald’s “Egg McMuffin of Boyfriends” commercial was the first one that caught my I that I blogged about.

Overall, I really like the commercial. It’s very cute in a hopeless romantic kind of way and is effective in showing a feature of the phone that I never knew about. The actress and commercial kind of reminds me of the Zooey Deschanel and the movie (500) Days of Summer, and the commercial’s song is kind of catchy (Peggy Lee’s Similau (See-Me-Lo) 1949). Can’t find any info on the actor …

From the YouTube comments, someone identified the actress as Cyrina Fiallo, and apparently has done quite a few commercials from a quick Google search.

The second most liked comment on YouTube was: “What kind of psychopath uses a $800 device without a case.” which I thought was hilarious – because it’s true!

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