Asian American Frozen Foods: CP’s Authentic Asia™’s ‘Shrimp Wontons’

I saw CP’s Authentic Asia™’s ‘Shrimp Wontons’ at Costco and thought I would try them out, since I had recently reviewed some surprisingly good frozen pork soup dumplings. I forget how much I paid for this package, but I think somewhere between $5 to $10.  Anyway, below is my review of and experiences with this item.

When I first looked at the packaging, I was kind of surprised that microwaving was the only cooking instruction option:

Opening up the package, there was a self-contained tray of wontons (as well as I removed the sesame soy packet from a separate bag and warmed up as instructed):

I microwaved the wontons for two minutes and afterwards, these were the results:

which looked fine. Here’s a photo of a profile of the wonton:

and after biting into one:

After trying the wontons, I thought maybe I should steam them next time.  Their texture was a bit chewier than I had expected. Overall, the taste was okay, but not great. I tried it with the sesame soy sauce, which was okay as well, but later tried with regular soy sauce, which I think I preferred more. Personally, I don’t think I’d buy these again.




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