“A Sugar and Spice Holiday”, An Asian American Christmas Movie, Premieres December 2020

Lifetime channel is premiering “A Sugar & Spice Holiday,” which is the channel’s first movie featuring Asian American leads, in December 2020.  Tzi Ma (Mulan, The Farewell), Jacky Lai (V-Wars), and Tony Giroux (Motherland:  Fort Salem) headline this feature.   In this story, a young architect (Jacky Lai) goes back home to Maine where her parents (Tzi Ma and Lillian Lim) run a local restaurant.  She teams up with an old high school friend (Tony Giroux) for a gingerbread house contest, who “grew up into a catch.”  You can pretty much guess the rest.

I never saw Asian or Asian Americans in any American Christmas special or movie when I was growing up,  so it’s great that A Sugar & Spice Holiday continues a trend that started last year.  Henry Golding and Michelle Yeoh were in Last Christmas.   Let It Snow from Netflix also had Asian American lead characters, played by Jacob Batalon (MCU Spiderman and Avengers movies) and all around talent Anna Akana (Ant-Man, YouTube).  It was great to see an actual Filipino family portrayed in Let It Snow, and I am happy that Lifetime is focusing on an Asian family in this latest movie.

(photo credit:  Gordon Correll under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license)

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