Anti-Asian Hate analyzed by a Threat Intelligence Company

Graphic credit: Recorded Future

The most surprising things that came through my work inbox last week was this report on threats to Asian communities outside of Asia from Threat Intelligence Company Recorded Future.    It talks about anti-Asian hate happening from the United States to the UK to Australia and discussed it in the dry analytical language of threats and TTPs (Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures) that I usually see only in the context of security.  In my opinion, it’s worth reading all the way through, but I will summarize their findings:

  • Asian communities across the world are being affected by anti-Asian hate.
  • Nation states from China, Russia, and Iran seek to inflame the situation and use it for their own purposes.
  • Forces are trying to equate all Chinese scientists and students with espionage, while this happens, it is typically forgotten that these same groups are also the most spied upon.
  • Scammers are using anti-Asian hate victims as a way to make money through fraudulent fund raising pages.

Actionable intelligence is the most useful kind, and from this report, I would say that the last point is the most actionable.  It’s great when we want to help out someone attacked, but it is critical that we avoid suspicious GoFundMe pages.

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