Asian American Candidates Tie after Recount – Winner Determined by Drawing Lots

I wrote before about how every vote can make a difference, and when I wrote the story, Murali Srinivasan was beating Justin Wang for Sunnyvale City Council by just one vote.  A recount found 3 more ballots – two for Wang and one for Srinivasan.  The tie was broken on January 3, as shown in the video above, by drawing lots, with Srinivasan being declared the winner.

This is a great example of how every vote can count, and even more so in the heavily Asian American city of Sunnyvale.  Before the lots were drawn, you can see Wang and Srinivasan shake hands, and they did so after the announcement.  I wish more election winners and losers were that gracious.  Congrats to Murali Srinivasan, but also to Justin Wang for being gracious in defeat.

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