Harvard Asian American Admissions Up in 2023 as Supreme Court Decision Looms

Harvard’s Asian American admissions, subject of a lawsuit that accuses of Harvard of suppressing Asian American admissions, rose to 29.1% for the incoming class for 2023.  This is an increase from 2022’s 27.1% of the admitted class, a absolute percentage rise of 2% and a proportional rise of more than 6% year to year. Black and Latino admissions fell over the same period.

Why did it rise?  Some say that it is a natural increase as the population of Asian American young adults and high school graduates increases. I can’t help but wonder if the lawsuit had some influence. I also wonder how much a factor is it that test score submissions were optional. Harvard contents that the increase is part of a natural trend.

After losing in lower courts, the case has been elevated to the Supreme Court. I am personally amazed that since writing about this almost nine years ago, the case is still ongoing. A decision is expected this summer.

(image credit:  Wikimedia Commons under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license)

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