A24’s Netflix Series BEEF with Ali Wong and Steven Yeun Premiering on April 6

After a clean sweep at the Oscars for the major acting categories, A24 will release a new series on Netflix called BEEF, starring Ali Wong and Steven Yeun, on April 6.  The series is about how a road rage incident (video above) spirals into an out of control feud.  After premiering at SXSW (like so many other A24 features), it has garnered a number of excellent reviews.

Part of the plot is that Ali Wong and Steven Yeun’s characters come from much different parts of the economic spectrum. I welcome this portrayal, as we may hear much about Asian American accomplishment (especially in affirmative action debates) but don’t hear as much about the fact that Asian Americans have the highest levels of income inequality of American racial groups. It’s also great to see more well reviewed content with Asian Americans in them to counter the movements to ban that some books and other content .

Other notable cast cast members of BEEF include Justin Min and Ashley Park. You can see the official trailer for BEEF here.

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