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Movie: Falling for Grace – Go See It!

Tonight, I caught the very funny, touching and well produced independent film, “Falling for Grace,” written, produced, and directed (as well as starring) Asian-American actress Fay Ann Lee in her first film. Margaret Cho, Ken Leung, Christine Baranski and Lewis … Continue reading

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Inspire / 07 – Aug 31 to Sept 2, San Francisco

I’m not involved in Inspire / 07, but thought I’d mentioned it on 8asians since it has quite a line-up of Asian-American speakers and describes itself as “the premier leadership conference featuring many of the who’s who in the Asian-American … Continue reading

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Asian-American Youth Venture Into Cal Politics

As I have commented many times in the past on 8asians, Asian-Americans are not very politically active or involved, so it’s nice to read “Asian-American Youth Venture Into Cal Politics” (sorry for the late post on this article..): “In recent … Continue reading

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Born in the Phillipines, A Real American Hero: Major General Antonio Taguba

A few weeks ago, U.S. Army Major General Antonio Taguba presided over San Francisco’s Pistahan Parade. The Pistahan Parade and Festival is an annual celebration of Filipino culture (and also a clever name since “Pistahan” means fiesta or festival, and … Continue reading

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Stifling Alternative Journalism in China

As we know, ISPs in the U.S. are generally not held accountable for individual bloggers’ content. In China, they are. An article posted today reports the strong movement by the Communist regime “encouraging” bloggers to use their real names and … Continue reading

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Intoxicated by the Beautiful, Powerful Ms. Tila Tequila

Today would be the first time I ever came across Ms. Tila Tequila or, more specifically, her music video “I Love You,” embedded herein for your convenient viewing, but be advised it may not be office friendly. Since “Tila Tequila” … Continue reading

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Survivor: China

Since this blog’s very first post was based off a link to the TV Show Survivor, I’d be a fool not to say something – anything – about the newest season of Survivor: China, filmed in Jiangxi province, where my … Continue reading

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United We Stand: 5 Baby Steps Asian-Americans Can Take Toward Solidarity

I’ll get right to my point. The single most important issue our community faces today: Unity. Ironically, where non-Asians view us as one homogenous mob of exotic, stoic, and hard-working brown and yellow people, we differentiate ourselves into countless coteries … Continue reading

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My name is @

I came across an article, where a couple in China wants to name their son @. You read correctly, @, which prounounced in Mandarin is “ai ta” and translated in English means “love him”. It turns out that the deputy … Continue reading

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China: Reincarnation is against the law without our permission.

When I first read the headline from MSNBC, China Regulates Buddhist Reincarnation, I shook my head in disbelief. Well disbelief because I don’t believe in Buddhism, and also China’s law bans Buddhist monks in Tibet from reincarnating without government permission. … Continue reading

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Marié Digby’s Umbrella

In honor of this week being “Let’s embed YouTube video on,” I bring you this video of Marié Digby. If the song sounds familar, it’s because it’s a cover of Rhianna’s “Umbrella,” the song that’s currently played to death … Continue reading

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Why Asian Guys Can’t Get White Girls

I couldn’t resist not posting this. First, there was Why Asian Girls Go For White Guys, then there was a response. Now, here’s the flip side: Why can’t Asian guys get white girls? This totally awesome and totally hilarious response … Continue reading

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